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Sunset Rubdown: Dragonslayer

New Sunset Rubdown album. I would say this album is more accessible than the others. So if you never have listened to them before this could be the best album for you to hear first. Comes out on June 23rd.


01 Silver Moons
02 Idiot Heart
03 Apollo and the Buffalo and Anna Anna Anna Oh!
04 Black Swan
05 Paper Lace
06 You Go on Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II)
07 Nightingale / December Song
08 Dragon’s Lair

Try: Sunset Rubdown- Dragonslayer


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Ghostface Killah- Forever

New track from Ghost. This is a possible track off his new (R&B) album that will be dropping sometime this year. The first single will be dropped later on, and is suppose to feature Mary J. Blige. This is pretty dope.

Try: Ghostface: Forever

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Random Axe- Monster Babies

First track off the Random Axe album. Who is Randome Axe? The ridiculous producer Black Milk, and Guilty Simpson and Sean P are the emcees. With these three on a track, and better yet an album together, you know this shit is not gonna be wack at all.

Try: Random Axe- Monster Babies

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Wu-Tang: Harbor Masters (Ghostface, AZ, Inspectah Deck)

New track off the upcoming Wu-Tang album “Chamber Music” dropping June 30th! The album is based with Wu-members pairing with 90s-era Emcees with music by Brooklyn based soul band “The Revelations”.

Try: Harbor Masters

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Mos Def New Album: THE ECSTATIC [2009]

UH-OH! Another gift this morning. Hope this is good, I know it will already be better than his last release which was a dissapointment. Got production from some of the elite producers in the game w/ Oh No, Madlib, and Mr. Porter. Features also from Kweli, Slick Rick, and Georgia Anne Muldrow. Can’t wait to give this a spinnnnnn.

UPDATE: Not impressed really on first listen. I’ll listen to it later and see if I change my mind.


1. Mos Def – Supermagic (prod. by Oh No)
2. Mos Def – Twilight Speedball (prod. by Chad Hugo)
3. Mos Def – Auditorium (feat. Slick Rick) (prod. by Madlib)
4. Mos Def – Wahid (prod. by Madlib)
5. Mos Def – Priority (prod. by Preservation)
6. Mos Def – Quiet Dog (prod. by Preservation)
7. Mos Def – Life In Marvelous Times (prod. by Mr. Flash)
8. Mos Def – The Embassy (prod. by Mr. Flash)
9. Mos Def – No Hay Nada Mas (prod. by Preservation)
10. Mos Def – Pistola (prod. by Oh No)
11. Mos Def – Pretty Dancer (prod. by Madlib)
12. Mos Def – Workers Camp (prod. by Mr. Flash)
13. Mos Def – Revelations (prod. by Madlib)
14. Mos Def – Roses (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) (prod. by Georgia Anne Muldrow )
15. Mos Def – History (feat. Talib Kweli) (prod. by J Dilla)
16. Mos Def – Casa Bey (Arranged by Mos Def and Preservation)

Try: Mos Def: The Ecstatic

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Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks Music Video

This video is something else haha. Good song, from a fantastic album if you have’nt checked out Grizzly Bear’s “Veckatimest” it is about time. Link below.


01 “Southern Point”
02 “Two Weeks”
03 “All We Ask”
04 “Fine for Now”
05 “Cheerleader”
06 “Dory”
07 “Ready, Able”
08 “About Face”
09 “Hold Still”
10 “While You Wait for the Others”
11 “I Live With You”
12 “Foreground”

Try: Grizzly Bear: Veckatimest

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Circulatory System- Signal Morning [2009]

Will Cullen Hart, who some of you might know is part of the band “The Olivia Tremor Control”, who released the highly praised Dusk at Cubist Castle. He is also part of this band Circulatory System, but it’s been quite awhile since he released an album with them (2001). Comes out September 8th on Cloud Recordings….Check it out…It’s different…and it could be some of the last stuff you hear from him since he has MS.


Side One –
1. Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant
2. Rocks and Stones
3. This Morning (We Remembered Everything)
4. Tiny Concerts
5. Electronic Diversion
6. Overjoyed
7. The Breathing Universe
8. News From The Heavenly Loom
9. The Spinning Continuous

Side Two –
10. I You We
11. Blasting Through
12. Solid Forms Dissolving
13. Gold Will Stay
14. The Frozen Lake / The Symmetry
15. Until Moon Medium Hears The Message
16. (Drifts)
17. Signal Morning

Try: Circulatory System: Signal Morning

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Tortoise: Beacons Of Ancestorship

Tortoise comes through w this new album, it’s been 5 years. Don’t sleep. Check out their album TNT if you haven’t.


1. High Class Slim Came Floatin’ In
2. Prepare Your Coffin
3. Northern Something
4. Gigantes
5. Penumbra
6. Yinxianghechengqi
7. The Fall of Seven Diamonds Plus One
8. Minors
9. Monument Six One Thousand
10. De Chelly
11. Charteroak Foundation

1st Single: “Prepare your coffin”:

Try: Tortoise: Beacons of Ancestorship

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Saw this movie last night. My favorite movie from this year so far. Pixar took it to another level, and I would call it their “bravest” film yet. While watching the movie I wondered if many younger kids would even get some of this movie??? There are mature themes behind it, and I highly recommend going to see it as Pixar hardly ever fails.

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AZ: Legendary


1. Da Truth
2. Before It’s All Said & Done
3. Livin’ the Life
4. Boy Meets Girl (Ft. Sheek Louch)
5. Bottom Line
6. Refuse 2 Die
7. Dreams Come True
8. Good for Nothing
9. Supply & Demand
10. Money Makes the World Go Round
11. What Up (Ft. Hell Rell)
12. Poll With the Villains
13. Get Money
14. I Told You

Dude’s been out for a good minute. He’s as of late been droppin an album every year lately. Link below for AZ fans.

Try: AZ- Legendary

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