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Circulatory System- Signal Morning [2009]

Will Cullen Hart, who some of you might know is part of the band “The Olivia Tremor Control”, who released the highly praised Dusk at Cubist Castle. He is also part of this band Circulatory System, but it’s been quite awhile since he released an album with them (2001). Comes out September 8th on Cloud Recordings….Check it out…It’s different…and it could be some of the last stuff you hear from him since he has MS.


Side One –
1. Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant
2. Rocks and Stones
3. This Morning (We Remembered Everything)
4. Tiny Concerts
5. Electronic Diversion
6. Overjoyed
7. The Breathing Universe
8. News From The Heavenly Loom
9. The Spinning Continuous

Side Two –
10. I You We
11. Blasting Through
12. Solid Forms Dissolving
13. Gold Will Stay
14. The Frozen Lake / The Symmetry
15. Until Moon Medium Hears The Message
16. (Drifts)
17. Signal Morning

Try: Circulatory System: Signal Morning


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