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Nujabes is a Japanese Hip-Hop producer. In his music you will see jazz and soul influences. He’s produced for CYNE, CL Smooth, and other. Let’s not forget he also produced soundtracks for the show SAMURAI CHAMPLOO

Preview Track: “Aruarian Dance”, one of my favorites from him.

I’m going to put Nujabes Disco for D/L:


  1. “Blessing It (Featuring Substantial and Pase Rock of Five Deez)” (Produced by Nujabes)
  2. “Horn in the Middle” (Produced by Nujabes)
  3. “Lady Brown (Featuring Cise Starr)” (Produced by Nujabes)
  4. “Kumomi” (Produced by Nujabes)
  5. “Highs 2 Lows (Featuring Cise Starr)” (Produced by Nujabes)
  6. “Beat Laments the World” (Produced by Nujabes; contains a sample from “Blessing It”)
  7. “Letter From Yokosuka” (Produced by Nujabes)
  8. “Think Different (Featuring Substantial)” (Produced by Nujabes)
  9. “A Day by Atmosphere Supreme” (Produced by Nujabes)
  10. “Next View” (Featuring Uyama Hiroto on Sax)
  11. “Latitude (Remix) (Featuring Five Deez)” (Produced by Nujabes)
  12. “F.I.L.O. (Featuring Shing02)” (Produced by Nujabes)
  13. “Summer Gypsy” (Produced by Nujabes)
  14. “The Final View” (Produced by Nujabes)
  15. “Peaceland” (Produced by Nujabes)

Metaphorical Music 2003: Nujabes- Metaphorical Music


1. Feather (Feat. Cise Starr & Akin From Cyne)
2. Ordinary Joe (Feat. Terry Callier)
3. Reflection Eternal
4. Luv (Sic) PT3 (Feat. Shing02)
5. Music Is Mine
6. Eclipse (Feat. Substantial)
7. Sign (Feat. Pase Rock)
8. Thank You (Feat. Apani B)
9. World’s End Rhapsody
10. Modal Soul (Feat. Uyama Hiroto)
11. Flowers
12. Sea Of Cloud
13. Light On The Land
14. Horizon

Modal Soul 2005: Nujabes- Modal Soul


Samurai Champloo- Impression O.S.T.



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